Behind the code: Making of our SEO Page

SEO is an important part of any only strategy. From small business to enterprise, SEO is necessary to ensure the right people are finding your business.

We’ve been offering SEO for Melbourne businesses for a while now, at “off market” rates (literally, too low to even mention), but now we’re proud to announce that our website SEO service is available to all businesses.

Lets take a look at how we made this page to promote our service.

Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.12.33 pm

Bootstrapped in

I. Love. Bootstrap. There are some open source projects that come along some time and just really revolutionize the way websites are built. Bootstrap is one of them. In this webpage, I used bootstrap and a base theme from Start Bootstrap.

Typer Bar & Google Search

We wanted to give our webpage visitors examples of our success. The only way to do that was to actually allow them to search on their own.

To add a little special touch, I used typed.js to animate the typing of the search queries. This gives the sense that the visitor themselves are typing and searching for those keywords. All the visitor needs do is press the bright blue Google button.

Doing so will open a new window with the search query from the input box, to get this to work I used this code on the form tag:

<form onsubmit=”‘’+encodeURIComponent($(‘#customer_input&#8217;).val()), ‘_blank’, ”);return true;>

Where $(‘customer_input’) is the ID of the input box. This will open up a new window pointing to

Adwords & Animation

Here I wanted to keep it simple and professional. I’ve always seen SEO as the fun, cheaper cousin to AdWords, and that’s what I have reflected here.

To implement the on scroll animation, I used wow.js to animate using css3 and javascript.

All in all, a very simple website.

If you’d like to learn more about our SEO Services for Melbourne business or our AdWord Management & consultation please visit our page and have a poke around.

Ad Groups – AdWord Do’s and Do Not’s

As a Search Engine Marketer, you come into a lot of DIY Adword accounts. I’ve seen some very interesting setups, ranging from the weird to the just plain wrong. When creating your AdWord campaign, following some simple guidelines will ensure you have top quality advertisements, keep costs lower and improve your ROI.

Today we will be speaking about:

Ad groups

+ Do’s

Make multiple ad groups and categories them into relevant themes.

For example, if you provide a taxi service for both the general population and VIPs, make two ad groups.

Your “General” Adgroup should have ads like:

While your VIP Adgroup would look something this this:


Make your keywords and destination URL (also know as your landing page) also have the keywords that your ad targets. In this case, The General ad group had “local”, “affordable” and “taxi”.


– Do Not’s

Do not cram 100 different keywords into one Adgroup.

I see this time and time again; people will try to target some vague keyword to one vague advertisement.

This is a big no-no from Google and Google will negatively rank your keyword because of this.

What to do?

The little bubble button tells you a lot about the keyword you have chosen to target. If your Adrank is below 7 for any keyword, you are not optimized and will be paying a higher price to rank against your competitor.

Notice there are three components “Expected Click through rate”, “Ad Relevance” and Landing Page Experience”
Here is a brief explanation of each component.

Expected Click Through Rate: 

 If this is below average, its telling you that your advertisement isn’t attracting users to it. You need to spice it up. Do you have a promotion? Free Delivery? 50% off? Make sure you advertisement is eye catching.

Having a lower Click through rate will make it more expensive for you to compete in Ad Rank.
Ad Relevance:

If you’re targeting the words “luxury taxi”, you should have the words “luxury” and “taxi” in your advertisement. Work them in, but keep it relevant to your service.

Landing Page Experience:

This is were Google will test your destination URL to see if the keywords appear. Again, if you’re targeting “luxury taxi” in your keywords, be sure to point the user to a web page in your site specific to luxury taxis



Make multiple ad groups that are highly relevant to your keywords. Make sure you drop your keywords into the ad text and your landing page.

If you need an expert in Melbourne specialising in AdWords, contact avisOnline solutions.

More on landing pages in our next edition.

Gorilla Movers – Melbourne movers with an elegant website

When searching for removalists, it’s important to do your homework and learn what to look out for. Gorilla movers are a Melbourne based moving company – and much like their gorilla icon, are friendly and strong.

Check out Gorilla movers website – I had an awesome time making it. The website actually came from one of the business owners who wanted something simple, but elegant.

If you’re looking for a reliable, local melbourne mover – look no further than gorilla movers – they’re available to work 24/7 and even interstate!

The Importance of SEO in Melbourne

Increasingly, business who used Google AdWords to reach their customers have experienced the increasing cost of using the service. In fact, Australia has one of the highest bidding rates in the world – YIKES.

The importance of SEO has become vital in an online business strategy. So how do you DIY SEO?

SEO is a simple concept. When a quality website links into your website, it shows search engines that your website is one that is highly trusted – and provides value to the internet.
This is why using a low quality SEO provider is dangerous. If your SEO expert is using black hat methods to increase your links in, you’ll soon find yourself on page 10 of Google.

SEO is all about ranking higher in the Organic section of Google and Bing. You can find reputable SEO experts right here in Melbourne.

Now lets think about Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM is the use of Google AdWords.

Google AdWords uses a ranking system based on multiple factors. Quality, Bid, Impact.

This is a really hard concept to grasp for most people, as their immediate reaction to Google AdWord is “throw more money at it”. This is not the solution.
To get the best ROI from Google AdWord, use a Google Partner Agency.
An Agency will allow you to get a much higher ROI and can save you money in the long run.

What an agency can provide is a keyword plan, SEM optimised landing pages and campaign optimisation.

In Short:
SEO is actually really easy and fun to do – the only issue is that it can consume a lot of your time. SEO is all about sharing your website with the internet. There are literally 1,000’s of ways to do it. Get creative.

As for SEM – We strongly recommend not to DIY Google Adwords, look for an agency instead. Getting an agency will not only save you time, effort, stress – but also money.
The initial costs may be higher than DIY, but the ROI will be proven in time.